The Sedentary Behavior Reduction Intervention in Pregnancy (SPRING) Study is a randomized, controlled trial. The intervention begins in the first trimester and ends at the end of the third trimester.

In this study, we hope to learn how to help pregnant women change sitting behaviors and better understand whether sitting less can improve pregnancy outcomes. â€‹Women who participate in the intervention study may help inform guidelines and clinical practices for improving the cardiovascular health in pregnant women.

Who can participate in the SPRING Study?

Women who:

  • – are ages 18-45
  • – are in their first trimester of pregnancy (less than 13 wks)
  • – sit a lot throughout the day

What will participants be asked to do?

  • – attend three assessments across pregnancy (virtual options are available)
  • – answer questionnaires
  • – wearing a thigh-worn activity monitor for 7 days during each trimester

What does the intervention include?

Two-thirds of the participants will be in the intervention group, and one-third of eligible participants will be assigned to a control group. The intervention includes:

  • – weekly virtual health coaching
  • – can receive a fitbit 
  • – height adjustable workstation
  • – a supportive community group

For questions, please contact the SPRING Study Staff:

Phone: 412-822-6257

Email: springst@pitt.edu

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